The Gift in Letting Go

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I thought about you the other day while meditating on the rewards that can be found when the heart decides that it’s time to remove itself from undeserving hands. I thought about you and the way you’ve loved so hard, the way you’ve devoted yourself without limitations, only to be hurt by the one person you’d given everything to. And now you read this with a heavy heart, struggling to find a reason to stay, and that’s why this is your moment to begin the process of letting go finally.

You see, when it becomes difficult to find an excuse to stay, leaving gets easier. I think moving on gets a bad wrap; I think so many people view letting go as means of quitting without understanding that holding to the wrong person is a form of giving up on yourself. More than anything, it is time to love yourself in a way that pushes you toward freedom, away from whatever emotional barriers keeping you from reaching for the type of love you’ve always deserved.

The gift of letting go is an opportunity to rediscover everything that truly brings you joy and peace. The gift in letting go is that you have more time to practice self-care and love that will eventually bring something good into your life, a healthy relationship. Too often, we neglect ourselves for people who choose to neglect us. We fight for relationships with people who decide to fight against us. The gift in letting go is a chance to make room for the right things. You’ve been distracted; you’ve felt stuck. You’ve been going in circles in search of something that this relationship can’t provide, and it’s time for you to give everything to yourself that you haven’t been able to find in others.

Here are a few book suggestions for those of you who are struggling with letting go:

“ Whiskey Words and a Shovel “ is a three book series that encourages the mindset of refusing to settle. Read it here: WHISKEY WORDS AND A SHOVEL

“ We Hope This Reaches You in Time “ is a book filled with messages that encourage the mental fortitude and physical movement of setting yourself free from the wrong relationship. Read it here: We Hope This Reaches You in Time

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